Kamis, 19 Desember 2013

Men’s Hairstyles for the Groom and Best Man

The most popular engagement season is just around the corner. Whenever the big day happens, you’ll want to take extra care with hair and grooming. In addition to these tips to ensure a polished and clean cut appearance, check out these men’s hairstyles for the groom and best man.

We can’t guarantee that everything about your wedding photos will stand the test of time but these classic formal hairstyles will never look dated. Several of these recommended groom hair pictures are vintage-inspired slick looks. You can wear slick hair up high, across, or with a part.

Other excellent formal hairstyles include wearing thick hair cut short and spiked up or neatly combed. This is similar to the slick look but minus the product. Use something lightweight like blowPro mane tame soft pomade to keep hair in place without the shiny finish or defined comb marks.

If you’re not used to styling hair, visit a local barber shop to get hair styled for your wedding or some time before so you can get the hang of it yourself. This is also an opportunity to get your beard groomed or an extra close straight razor shave. Or see if you can borrow your bride’s stylist for a few minutes before the bridal party gets ready.

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