Minggu, 29 Desember 2013

Medium Length Hair – Men

If you got it, flaunt it with this medium length hair – men. This look is everywhere right now, from Jared Leto to to the stars of Glee and Gossip Girl. Grow thick hair a bit longer at the top while keeping the back and sides cropped short. This variation on slicked back hair uses product to give hair volume and height while combing hair back on a diagonal for a fresh twist on the look.

Slick Hair for Men with Side Part

Slicked back hair with a side part exudes confidence, sophistication, and charm and is the go-to red carpet look for George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

This is a hairstyle – not a haircut – so you can try out this look with any hair that has some length to work with at the top. To get this slick hair (men) that is suitable for everyday, part hair far over to one side and comb the rest of hair over to the side.

Rub a dollop of product for hold, like Wella Matte Styling Paste or Axe Shine Pomade for sheen, and comb hair into place again.

The Quiff

The quiff is back! This super tall slicked back hair was worn by Elvis and Morrissey and has been recently seen on men’s hairstyle icons Zac Efron and David Backham. The look works with short hair but longer hair will give you more height. To comb a quiff, rub a pomade between hands to warm it up and rub into damp hair. American Crew makes some water-based products that offer great hold without any grease. To stand up thicker hair, try the Fiber version. To thoroughly coat hair, push hands forward and back through hair. Pull the front up and slightly to one side, pushing the tips backwards with fingers.

Quiff with a Peaked Wave

Another way to style the quiff is to form the hair into a peaked wave at the top. The look is David Beckham’s faux hawk meets Robert Pattinson’s reach for the sky quiff. The look is easy to styles but requires a blow dryer, brush, and product. Start by blow drying hair while brushing hair upwards to create height and volume. Warm up a pomade by rubbing it between your hands and smooth into hair to keep hair in place, Finish by pinching the front of hair into the peaked wave and twisting it backwards. Try using a pliable pomade like American Crew Defining Paste, that gives a matte finish and can be used on hair longer than 2″.

How to Style Mens Medium Length Hair

This full bodied and longer mens haircut needs a little attention to look its best. Here’s how to style mens medium length hair. Styling starts in the shower with the right shampoo. To get the most of medium hair, use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner that gives lift, especially to fine and straight hair. Towel dry hair rub a volumizing product through hair, from roots to tips.

One highly rated and easy to use product that adds makes hair bigger and thicker is Kevin Murphy Anti Gravity. From here, you can blow dry hair, working hair in the direction you want it to lay or let it air dry. Finish with another dab of product rubbed through the fringe at the crown to pull hair to one side and keep it in place.

Bed Head Hairstyle for Men

The bed head hairstyle for men is win-win. The messy version of spiked hair is easy to style and women love it. It is more than waking up and going though. The best looking bed head, a la Tyler Durden, starts with the right cut. Think clean around the sides and back and leavings some length and texture on top, up to medium length. Starting with dry hair, rub a dab of product between hands to warm it up and work it through hair, lightly coating hair from roots to tips. Use a product with a matte finish because messy, shiny hair looks greasy.  Get the bed head look by messing up hair, pulling at the ends to create a piecey deconstructed look.

Robert Pattinson Hair

The gravity defying bed head-inspired Robert Pattinson hair comes from the right cut and styling tools and product. That’s right, this vampires use hair dryers. This hairstyle works best with fine to medium straight hair, though with extra hold product like Woody’s Quality Grooming Web Robert Pattinson Hair can help anyone get the look.

In the haircut, jagged layers help achieve this textured look. Messy hair should only be on top so keep the sides and back cut short or slick them back. To style the hair, dry shampoo adds volume and hold while absorbing oil without damaging hair.

Next up is gel, adding sparingly to avoid the crusty look that comes from using too much. Finally, a blowdryer will cut down styling time and help achieve height. To train hair to stand up, try blow drying with your head upside down and combing through hair with fingers. For more coiffed versions of this look, try one of these high volume quiffs.