Senin, 09 Desember 2013

High and Tight

If you’re wanting a low maintenance cut with plenty of style, check out this high and tight. A version of the military-inspired buzz, this is a civilian worthy cut.

The high and tight is the basic short back and sides, longer on top men’s hair but cut way shorter. The sides and back are shaved (similar to the undercut) with some length at the crown.

The “high” refers to where the longer hair is, up high on the head above the temples. The “tight” is the close shave below. You can also fade hair so it blends into the skin. This cut transitioned into the mainstream in the 1980s and was worn in an extreme for in the flattop. Other versions include the fade, horseshoe, and recon.

As with every haircut, face shape is important to consider. These ultra short haircuts focus attention on your facial features. The high and tight will elongate oval or round faces. If you this is a cool haircut that can also be a lot of fun. If you want a no maintenance look, especially for curly hiar, this is a stylish option. All you have to do is wash and air dry.

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