Kamis, 12 Desember 2013

Mens Short Hairstyles – Visit the Barber

Do you have a barber or a stylist? With masculine hairstyles like a slicked back hair and the close shaved undercut increasing in popularity in 2012, the barbershop is also making a comeback. We’re detailed how to get the best haircut for mens hair. One of the main points was when to go to a barber versus a stylist. If you’re going for a traditional men’s hairstyle, like this cropped cut, opt for the barbershop. Here are a few reasons to visit the barber.

1. Cost – Barbers are cheaper than stylists, without sacrificing quality. If you stay clean cut with frequent trims, especially around the neck, the price difference adds up quickly.

2. Ease – Barbers are trained to cut classic short hairstyles that are no nonsense and dead simple to style, requiring little to no product. If you’re keeping hair close cropped to manage wavy or curly hair, the barber is your man.

3. Time – One of the reasons barbers are cheaper is time. Short hair takes less time to cut and there’s no fussing with blowdrying or styling.

4. Environment – Just because the cut it quick doesn’t mean you have to hustle there. While a barber shop isn’t Calvin and Hobbes’ female-free tree house, a good barbershop serves the same purpose as a man cave.

5. Clean Shaven – Last but not least is the classic barbershop shave. There is currently a resurgence of traditional barbering that provides a hot lather shave, sometimes even with a straight razor. Try this unbeatable experience at least once.

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