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Medium Length Hair – Men

If you got it, flaunt it with this medium length hair – men. This look is everywhere right now, from Jared Leto to to the stars of Glee and Gossip Girl. Grow thick hair a bit longer at the top while keeping the back and sides cropped short. This variation on slicked back hair uses product to give hair volume and height while combing hair back on a diagonal for a fresh twist on the look.

Slick Hair for Men with Side Part

Slicked back hair with a side part exudes confidence, sophistication, and charm and is the go-to red carpet look for George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

This is a hairstyle – not a haircut – so you can try out this look with any hair that has some length to work with at the top. To get this slick hair (men) that is suitable for everyday, part hair far over to one side and comb the rest of hair over to the side.

Rub a dollop of product for hold, like Wella Matte Styling Paste or Axe Shine Pomade for sheen, and comb hair into place again.

The Quiff

The quiff is back! This super tall slicked back hair was worn by Elvis and Morrissey and has been recently seen on men’s hairstyle icons Zac Efron and David Backham. The look works with short hair but longer hair will give you more height. To comb a quiff, rub a pomade between hands to warm it up and rub into damp hair. American Crew makes some water-based products that offer great hold without any grease. To stand up thicker hair, try the Fiber version. To thoroughly coat hair, push hands forward and back through hair. Pull the front up and slightly to one side, pushing the tips backwards with fingers.

Quiff with a Peaked Wave

Another way to style the quiff is to form the hair into a peaked wave at the top. The look is David Beckham’s faux hawk meets Robert Pattinson’s reach for the sky quiff. The look is easy to styles but requires a blow dryer, brush, and product. Start by blow drying hair while brushing hair upwards to create height and volume. Warm up a pomade by rubbing it between your hands and smooth into hair to keep hair in place, Finish by pinching the front of hair into the peaked wave and twisting it backwards. Try using a pliable pomade like American Crew Defining Paste, that gives a matte finish and can be used on hair longer than 2″.

How to Style Mens Medium Length Hair

This full bodied and longer mens haircut needs a little attention to look its best. Here’s how to style mens medium length hair. Styling starts in the shower with the right shampoo. To get the most of medium hair, use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner that gives lift, especially to fine and straight hair. Towel dry hair rub a volumizing product through hair, from roots to tips.

One highly rated and easy to use product that adds makes hair bigger and thicker is Kevin Murphy Anti Gravity. From here, you can blow dry hair, working hair in the direction you want it to lay or let it air dry. Finish with another dab of product rubbed through the fringe at the crown to pull hair to one side and keep it in place.

Bed Head Hairstyle for Men

The bed head hairstyle for men is win-win. The messy version of spiked hair is easy to style and women love it. It is more than waking up and going though. The best looking bed head, a la Tyler Durden, starts with the right cut. Think clean around the sides and back and leavings some length and texture on top, up to medium length. Starting with dry hair, rub a dab of product between hands to warm it up and work it through hair, lightly coating hair from roots to tips. Use a product with a matte finish because messy, shiny hair looks greasy.  Get the bed head look by messing up hair, pulling at the ends to create a piecey deconstructed look.

Robert Pattinson Hair

The gravity defying bed head-inspired Robert Pattinson hair comes from the right cut and styling tools and product. That’s right, this vampires use hair dryers. This hairstyle works best with fine to medium straight hair, though with extra hold product like Woody’s Quality Grooming Web Robert Pattinson Hair can help anyone get the look.

In the haircut, jagged layers help achieve this textured look. Messy hair should only be on top so keep the sides and back cut short or slick them back. To style the hair, dry shampoo adds volume and hold while absorbing oil without damaging hair.

Next up is gel, adding sparingly to avoid the crusty look that comes from using too much. Finally, a blowdryer will cut down styling time and help achieve height. To train hair to stand up, try blow drying with your head upside down and combing through hair with fingers. For more coiffed versions of this look, try one of these high volume quiffs.

Medium Length Hair for Men

The best mens hairstyles aren’t all slicked back or worn up high. This medium length hair for men is a version of Jason Schwartzman’s signature look. It looks best with naturally straight hair and can be worn with or without a part. To get the look, ask for hair with some length that follows the contours of the head and hits the collar at the back. Bangs should be around eye brow length. To style this medium length hair for men, apply product to towel dried hair and let air dry or blow dry while brushing hair close to the head.

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Mens Hairstyles With Beards

Beards aren’t just for play off season or pipe smokers anymore. From Zach Galifianakis to Bon Iver, beards have been embraced by the young and hipster. While a beard can be worn with any hairstyle, its important to consider proportion.

The best mens hairstyles with beards have balance. Here, a medium length hairstyle is paired with a close cropped beard and slightly longer moustache. The sideburns seamless transition between the two. This an attractive and low maintenance look. To keep it professional and alluring to women, make sure trim the beard regularly. With the start of Movember and winter on its way, its the perfect time to try out mens hairstyles with beards.

Medium Length Mens Curly Hair – Channeling the Lizard King

Wearing hair long has always been a sign of rebellion and individual thought for men. You don’t need to be a straight-haired Beatle or Axl Rose to get the look. Rather, follow the example of the truly untamed – Jim Morrison. Unleash your medium length curly hair!

Getting a fantastic looking curly mane is actually less work rather than more. Naturally curls tend to be dry so shampooing everyday can further stress out the hair cuticle. Start by skipping your shampoo every fourth day (three on, one off). As you see results, work towards once a week shampoo sessions.

Barbershop vs Salon – Stylist Edition

For the best haircuts for men, both the barbershop and salon get great results. The salon won’t give you a straight razor shave or man cave experience, but there are still plenty of reasons to visit a stylist.

Here's Why :

1. Longer Hair - One of the reasons to go to a barber is for their expertise in classic short hairstyles. However if you have longer hair, thick hair, or curly hair - go to a stylist.

2. Style – Stylists know and love to cut modern and on trend hairstyles. Even if you don’t know what you want, other than to look good, a stylist can recommend a current look that also works with your facial features.

3. Product – We can’t stop talking about product. Whether you have short, long, curly, or straight hair – product ensures your hair looks its best and gives you lots of styling options. Salons carry their recommended brands and your stylist can help you find the best product for your hair type or the style you want to achieve – from slicked back to spiked up.

4. Color – For a natural look, only let experienced professionals color your hair. This is especially true for facial hair. Do you really want to trust your beard to Just for Men?

5. Clean-ups – Most salons will clean up the back of your neck between haircuts to keep you looking clean cut at no extra cost.

Cool Mens Hair – Side Part

Add a modern touch to retro styles and you get cool mens hair for 2012 and going into 2013. Think Mad Men slick with shaved sides or a quiff worn swept to the back. The one thing that these looks have in common is the old school side part. To get this cool mens hair – side part, you’ll need some length on top to work with.

Apply a volumizing product with hold to freshly washed and towel dried hair. Next, use a comb to define the side part. A good guide is to line up the part with the arch of one eyebrow. The side you choose doesn’t matter but it’s best to work with the way your hair tends to fall. Although you can let hair air dry, it will stay in place better if blow dried. Either way, use fingers to push hair into place. When hair is dry, run a pomade or wax over hair.

Medium Mens Hairstyles – 2012

What is the difference between short and medium mens hairstyles? Some say anything longer than a crew cut while others define it by the length of the sides. So, medium hair can refer to length all around the head or just on top. Either way, the extra length gives you lots of styling options. To keep hair looking great, be sure to invest in good products that are suitable for your hair texture and lifestyle.

You’ve seen lots of different ways to wear medium mens hairstyles 2012 on Chace Crawford, Zac Effron, and the Bieb. The look here coiffs medium hair into a version of the undercut, pulling the sides back and tight to the head. The top is combed straight back but not slicked. Other cool mens hair to try out with this length hair is messy or pointy spikes.

Indie Hair Cuts

Messy and almost overgrown indie hair has been the hairstyle for artists, rockers, and stars since Oscar Wilde. Fast forward to Mick Jagger, Chace Crawford, and your favorite indie rocker.

The look works for all hair types – straight, wavy, curly and fine or thick. To get indie hair cuts, let your hairdresser know which band’s look your going for (singer, drummer, or guitar player).

It’s about have lots of length on top to play with top, blending into the sides. You can go shorter on the sides as well but avoid the hard line of the undercut.

Styling indie hair is as laid back as it look. Your hair is already cut to work with your hair type, so let your hair do the work. All you need to do is run a dab of pomade through hair and push it into place with your fingers. Disheveled is the best way to rock the look, adding to the devil may care attitude indie hair cuts exude.

For the product, choose a pomade that works with your hair type. Look for something that gives hold, texture, and a hint of shine. For regular hair,  Get Groomed Finishing Cream By Redken for Men is a quality product available at most stores. For wavy or curly hair, a great product from a reliable brand is Toni and Guy Label.m Curl Cream. You can find it on-line or the salon.

Long Spiked Hair

Long spiked hair has been around a lot longer than Robert Pattinson‘s reach for the sky vampire hair. It was a popular look during the 1970s punk rock movement for those who didn’t commit to a mohawk. Spiked hair made a come back in the eighties, with Keifer Sutherland playing the vampire role.

Spiky hair isn’t only counter culture. The short spiked flat top is a official military cut. The first long spiked hair dates back to 6th century Japan, sported in Buddhist images of the 12 Heavenly Generals. Spiky hairstyles can do so much more though – check out this tux-worthy long spike hair!

This peaked quiff comes from the haircut, which is longer at the center of the forehead than the sides. This style looks great with any haircut but it will result in a flatter profile. The result is spiked hair that comes to an apex. The tall hair adds stature and presence that’s just right for a black tie event or any time you want to impress.

Short Back and Sides – Long on Top

The maxim “what’s old is new again” is true for fashion and hair. While hairstyles haven’t been returning with the same speed (how are the 90s already back?), retro and vintage hairstyles, like the classic short back and sides – long on top, have been dominating the 20-tweens.

Classic men’s hairstyles have jumped through the screen of top television shows (Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire) and onto the runways. Channeling the debonaire cool of the 1930s on, current hair trends have marked the return of style and sophistication to this decidedly casual era.

To get this hipster hair, all you need to ask for is “long on top, short back and sides.” Based on your preference and hair type, you can shorter on the back and sides, all the way down to the shaved undercut, and longer or shorter on top.

Whatever the length, this a great looking haircut with plenty of styling options. For the very now look, wear it slicked back, across, or up into a quiff. Or you can spike it, wear it messy, or do nothing at all.

5 Best Tips for Mens Long Hairstyles

Mens long hairstyles are one of the signature rebellious looks. Wearing hair long, as seen on Johnny Depp, Jared Leto (as 90s heart throb Jordan Catalano and now), and Alexander SkarsgÄrd, the message is one of individuality and non-conformity.

Here are the 5 tips to get the best mens long hair.

1. It’s a Hairstyle – Mens long hair isn’t about waiting too long between haircuts but committing to a medium or long hairstyle. As seen above, hair is almost uniformly chin length. There are no shaggy bangs or overgrown hair at the neck.

2. The Part – For a more sophisticated take on mens long hairstyles, part hair to one side. The “butt cut” is flattering as an exception, not the rule.

3. The Wash – Longer hair will reveal exactly how you’re treating it so treat it right. For most people, the daily shampoo is too much – it dries out hair and can cause breakage.

Unless your hair looks greasy without the daily wash, start skipping a day of shampoo and extending that until its every 4 day or even once a week (supposedly Robert Pattinson only washes every 6 weeks). This is especially important for curly hair.

4. Conditioner - If you don’t already, it’s time to add conditioner to your shower routine (this step can replace shampoo on most days). You can choose conditioner for your hair type and/or the sensory experience.

Some of the best and best smelling conditioners for men are American Crew Tea Tree Conditioner 5 Best Tips for Mens Long Hairstyles , Redken Mens Cool Finish Conditioner, and Woody’s Quality Grooming Daily Conditioner.

5. Product – With longer hair, you’re going to need product – no matter what your hair type (fine, straight, wavy, thick, curly). The extra length is an asset for curly or wavy hair, just add something like Kevin Murphy Easy Rider to minimize unwanted frizz and bring out natural curl.

Straight and fine hair, like the image above, use something light like Sebastian Potion No. 9 Light Styler Treatment tame fly aways. For thicker hair or to style slicked back hair, try a pomade such as D:fi D:struct Pliable Molding Creme.

Mens Hair 2013

It’s the new year again! Rather than waiting for the new years resolution to take effect, go for something that will have instant impact – a new hairstyle.

The trends for mens hair 2013 are already on the runways. What’s in store is more of what you’ve seen in 2012 – slicked back hair, quiffs, undercuts – but bigger and bolder.

Modern versions of vintage hair are still at the rage. From straight to waved to curls, the quiff works for all hair types and textures. The key to making the look work is finding the right product for your hair type.

This updated version of the quiff is enhanced by the texture of curly hair. Rather than working hard for perfect hair, go for perfectly tousled.

Keep the sides and back cropped short to heighten the impact of hair. Or to get two trends for one, get sides shaved into an undercut.

Medium Hair for Men – Preppy Hair

So you want to look like you’re straight out of a Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, or Lacoste ad? Preppy hair, according to the WASP 101 definition, is worn with a side part and a swoop to one side. It’s not long and not short but medium hair for men.

This is the perfect length hair to wear slicked up or across. For an easy going and casual look, wear this preppy hair for men.

Take a break from all the styling product and wear hair down and even a bit messy. All you need to do is air dry hair, part it with a comb, and work in a touch of light weight product like American Crew Light Hold Texture Lotion and you’re all set.

Preppy hair for men is a hip look for men with straight or thick hair. Wear hair coiffed for work or more tousled after hours. Mix things up by wearing hair in a pompadour or slicked up tall.

Trendy Men Hairstyles

Fashion is always pitted against style. The real winner is a combination of the two – personalized by you to fit your particular taste and personality.

That’s what trendy men hairstyles are all about too – a classic take on the latest look.

Above, you can see how men’s hairstyle trends don’t have to fussy or finicky. Slicked back hair has been huge this year but if that’s not your thing, messy is also in.

Thick hair (with some natural wave) is worn slightly grown out to almost medium length. Hair is tousled with product in that McDreamy – Twilight version of bedhead. Try American Crew Fiber Trendy Men Hairstylesfor a great combination of hold and flexibility.

Worn with groomed brows and burns, a classic pink collared shirt, and timeless watch, trendy men hairstyles are suitable for work and play.

Mens Medium Hairstyles – Wear it Messy!

Somewhere in between short and long, medium mens hair requires a different approach. When hair is short or long enough, little or no styling is required.

Most mens medium hairstyles require product to stay out of the eyes and looking great. With 2 – 5 inch long layers all around, there are lots of great styling options! Here’s how to get the look.

For a cool and easy to style look, wear hair messy like above. If your hair is thick or has some natural wave, this is the look for you.

Just rub in some product like Gatsby Technical Design Clay, American Crew Defining Paste, or Aveda Mens Pure-Formance Grooming Clay through clean dry hair and work it. The goal is to add some height while keeping hair off the forehead and out of the eyes.

For another smart look for medium hair, try slicking hair back or across. Or you can keep things simple with Jason Schwartzman’s long shaggy bangs look.

How to Style Medium Length Hair Men

You’ve grown the hair, not what to do with it? Here’s how to style medium length hair men.

We’ve said it before and we’re going to say it again. Don’t overwash hair. Unless hair gets greasy by the end of the day, protect hair by skipping every other shampoo. Better yet, opt for a sulfate free formula like L’Oreal EverPure or Aveeno Pure Renewal.

What you do need to do everyday though is condition hair. For medium men’s hair, go for a lightweight option like one of the American Crew formulas. Hair will be soft and moisturized and is easier to style.

Some of the iconic men’s hairstyles require medium length men’s hair. Think the ultra tall Johnny Cash pompadour, Elvis’s slick look, or even punk inspired spikes.

With the added length and fullness of longish hair, starting with the right product is key to styling medium hair. For finer hair, which is often lighter in color, a light hold cream will do the trick. Some of the best products for medium hair include American Crew Light Hold Styling Cream and Kiehl’s Creme With Silk Groom. For thicker hair or straight and coarse looks, go for a stronger hold product like Bumble and Bumble Sumo Wax, American Crew Fiber and Aveda Mens Grooming Clay.

With the right product you’re all set to style hair as you like. The hottest mens hair for 2013 is the slick look, as seen above. With medium hair, you can add a side part and comb hair across. Or go for some Jack Donaghy CEO hair by slicking hair up and back.

If you have medium length curly hair, or wavy, the same guidelines apply but check out these best products for curly hair.

Shaggy Hair Men

The grown out shaggy hair men look is always in style. The carefree almost overgrown cut is the hairstyle of artists, dreamers, and rebels not to mention Owen Wilson, Ben Barnes, and Brit pop icons present and past.

There’s more to shaggy hairstyles for men than just letting hair grow out though. Once hair is a good length, see a stylist to get a great looking and low maintenance cut.

Layers will take away bulk and length to give the cut shape and dimension. Above, bangs are cut on an angle and jagged while hair around the sides and back is cropped.

Styling shag hair is up to you. It all depends on what look your going for. Nothing exudes nonchalance like wearing hair messy and tousled without a part. Or you for the Brit Pop look, add a side part.

Long Spiky Hair

Having longer hair doesn’t mean you can’t wear it up and spiked! Here are 3 ways to get long spiky hair!

If you’re looking for tall spikes, inspiration comes from all over. The punk , anime, and Kpop idols. Getting gravity defining hair can call for extreme measures.

One of the favorite ways to style a mohawk is with a white school glue like Elmers. Use it just like you would hair product, apply it in light layers so it can dry. A few other old remedies to get oversized spikes include gelatin (unflavored!) and egg whites.

If you’re not interested in applying school supplies or food to hair, check out these best products for long spiky hair.

A favorite for the creative and bold hairstyles in seen in Asia is Gatsby Moving Rubber Spiky Edge Hair Wax, which can coax thick and coarse hair into any hairstyle you can dream up.

For a drugstore option, check out Schwartzkopf affordable and effective Got2B line of products, especially Got 2b Glued. And last is the always favorite,  Bumble and Bumble Sumo Tech which can spike up any hair.

Messy Hair Look

That ruffled surfer hair exudes effortless cool. It says you have better things to do than spend time on hair. If you didn’t just get done with your extreme sport of choice and want to look great, here’s how to get the messy hair look.

The key to every hairstyle is the underlying haircut. To get the perfectly messy hair look requires a textured cut, which means hair is cut to different lengths in different places.

Above, you can see how different length pieces sit at different angles, some longer and some shorter, for a tousled but not disheveled look. His hair is also undercut, with close cropped sides that accentuate the height of hair and keep the messy look clean cut.

The final piece of the puzzle is product. Starting with clean damp hair, you want to add a little of the right product for your hair type. The best products for messy hair are matte and give a piecey shaggy look. Try Garnier Fructis Surf Hair, FX Surf Head Paste, or for thicker hair TIGI Matte Separation Wax.

How to Style Hair Men – The Part

When done right, a man’s hair part is subtle and sophisticated, as seen on George Clooney and Ryan Gosling. You don’t want to look like Bart Simpson on his way to church. Here’s how to style hair men – the part edition.

First, pick a direction. Hair wants to lie one way or the other. If it’s not doing what you want, you can “train” hair to do what you want. It will take a week or two of extra combing and product. Using a blow dryer also helps, if you have access to one.

The direction hair goes in will change with the hairstyle. Spikes will go straight up, slick hair will go back or across, and medium hair will lie flat.

Part hair. For men, the center part is a don’t. Unless you’re rocking the coolest long hair rocker style, you can’t pull it off. Go with a side part. This makes for an on trend slick hipster hair and elongates round faces. If you have an undercut, just pull hair across from one side.

No part. Many hairstyles don’t have parts at all. Crewcuts, spikes, and messy hair are all part free. As is hair slicked back, like the look above.

Side Part Hairstyles Men

Want to update your men’s hairstyle for 2013? It’s all about side part hairstyles men.

Inspired by retro looks, and no doubt the pop culture offerings of Mad Men, Pan Am and Downton Abbey, vintage hairstyles for men are in full effect.

It’s easy to get the look, even with your existing hairstyle. With even a little bit of length on top, all you need now is a comb and some good product.

Starting with dry air, and rub a wax or pomade through hair. For a matte finish, use American Crew Fiber Pliable Molding Cream. For some sheen, use Paul Mitchell Mitch Barber’s Classic Shine Pomade for Men. And for some strong hold, use Bumble and Bumble Sumo Tech.

With products evenly distributed throughout, comb hair far over to one side. Pull the rest of your hair across to to the other side, straight back, or on a diagonal, depending on the length of your hair and what you think looks good.

Another Way to Style Medium Mens Hair

Wearing mens hair just a little bit longer builds adds styling options  beyond spiked, messy, or none. The slicked back look has been one of the hottest looks for 2013 and is still going strong. If you want a change, here’s another way to style medium mens hair.

Medium length hair for men means different things to different people. Here, we’re talking about inches of length on top with the sides kept short. Growing hair a little longer has benefits beyond additional styles. If thick are coarse hair tends to stick up, length is the best solution. Medium hair has more weight to keep hair down as well as get product to work.

A stylish variation of the Mad Men inspired slick hair is wearing fringe down. Hair has the same deep side part but is combed down over the forehead rather than back. To get the same sleek finish, use the same pomade product you would with slick hair, like American Crew Forming Cream for medium hold and medium shine.

For this every hair in place finish, use a fine tooth comb or even better, boar bristle brush like the handmade Swissco Oakwood Men’s Military Brush that fits in the palm of the hand for maximum control.

5 Medium Hairstyles for Men 2013-2014

The wide range of popular men’s hairstyles for 2013-2014 is due to long hair. Short hair, cut only an inch long or so, doesn’t have the same versatility as medium length hair.

This isn’t all over long hair though. Length is concentrated at the top of the head where it can be sculpted into these medium hairstyle for men.

The cool thing about medium hair is it can be styled in so many ways. Once you get one technique down, whether it’s spikes the slick look or hipster hair, you can use similar methods and products for other styles.

This preppy hairstyle is a more casual version of slicked back hair. It’s a similar styling method but to get this height without heavy product, use a blow dryer, volumizing mousse, and lightweight product like Supremo Magic Move Light.

Spiky hair can be styled Jersey Shore style or more formally, like above. Hair is styled forward from the back and then pulled straight up along the hair line. This tall hair is appropriate for work or special events.

Another great thing about medium length hair is that it can be worn tall. Use a strong product like Gatsby Moving Rubber to get this sky scraping slick hair. A spritz of hairspray like Sebastian Shaper Hair Spray or Paul Mitchell Fast Drying Sculpting Spray will set the style all day. Just hold the can a few inches away from hair and give it a light spray.

With undercut sides, it’s easy to get a mohawk for the day. It’s similar to wearing spiky hair but pinch hair together at the center rather than pulling it straight up.

The quiff is spiky hair that comes to a point at the front. Medium length adds extra personality to this outstanding hairstyle. For even more presence opt for a shiny finish product like American Crew Promade with plenty of hold that never makes hair greasy.

Men’s Hairstyles for the Groom and Best Man

The most popular engagement season is just around the corner. Whenever the big day happens, you’ll want to take extra care with hair and grooming. In addition to these tips to ensure a polished and clean cut appearance, check out these men’s hairstyles for the groom and best man.

We can’t guarantee that everything about your wedding photos will stand the test of time but these classic formal hairstyles will never look dated. Several of these recommended groom hair pictures are vintage-inspired slick looks. You can wear slick hair up high, across, or with a part.

Other excellent formal hairstyles include wearing thick hair cut short and spiked up or neatly combed. This is similar to the slick look but minus the product. Use something lightweight like blowPro mane tame soft pomade to keep hair in place without the shiny finish or defined comb marks.

If you’re not used to styling hair, visit a local barber shop to get hair styled for your wedding or some time before so you can get the hang of it yourself. This is also an opportunity to get your beard groomed or an extra close straight razor shave. Or see if you can borrow your bride’s stylist for a few minutes before the bridal party gets ready.

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Short Hairstyles for Men

You can’t go wrong with classic and cropped short  hairstyles for men. It can be worn with no styling or slicked back with some gel for dates or other special events. Sideburns can be worn long, almost to the bottom of the earlobe, or shorter.

Hairstyles for Men – Straight Hair

One of the classic hairstyles for men, this haircut can be styled several different ways. For fun, spike it up into a crew cut, faux hawk, or bed head. Or try wearing it slicked back with gel, wax, or pomade to get the men’s hairstyle trend of 2012 and 2013.

Short Hairstyles for Men With Thick Hair

Short hairstyles for thick hair look great with minimal styling. The only maintenance required is frequent haircuts, getting hair cropped every four to six weeks. Hair is cut to medium clipper length around the sides and back with a little extra length at the front. Use some pomade to add separation and texture. For work, add a side part and comb hair to the side.

Short Faux Hawk

The faux hawk works for short hairstyles for men too. This short faux hawk is a simplified version of the look, with just the hair at the middle of the top forming the distinctive mohawk peak. The key to the look using product that isn’t visible or greasy.  The rest of close cropped hair is worn gladiator style, down the forehead. Sideburns, as always, are optional.

Grey Hair on Men

As the term silver fox denotes, grey hair on men is an asset. The same rules of hairstyles for men continue to apply – work with hair texture and what you’re willing to style. This short hairstyle looks equally good at work and play. Just add a little product for height and definition. Don’t cover up the spray of salt across the pepper with some Just for Men, the ladies will love it.

Short Curly Hair for Men

Avoid boring short hairstyles for men by embracing natural hair texture. This cropped haircut makes the most of curly hair by cutting hair close at the sides and letting hair flow free with some extra length at the top. Wavy hair give the short curly hair for men cut lift and form. Get you barber or stylist to cut hair without a part and to angle to one side.

Jumat, 13 Desember 2013

Short Wavy Hair Men – Ivy League

Check out this great looking and easy to style short wavy hair for men. A version of the Ivy League, the sides and back are cut close with a little extra length on top.

Top layers are cut jagged for a textured look that blends into shorter hair. To get this style, work in a light wax or pomade into hair and pull it up at the front with fingers or a comb. Going short is a low maintenance option for wavy and also curly hair.