Senin, 09 Desember 2013

New Men’s Hairstyles: The Fade

Keeping hair precisely trimmed is one of the key elements to maintaining a clean cut and high style look. Conventional long on top, short back and sides cuts keep shorter hair one length. This can be the closely shaved undercut or something longer. For a cool update for 2013, try one of the old is new again men’s hairstyles – the fade.

With the fade, hair at the back and sides is tapered from the longest length on top all the way down to the skin at the neck. This is a smooth transition compared to the distinct lines of the undercut. The fade can be more obvious if hair is longer on top or more subtle with shorter hair.

The fade can be combined with any cut on top. Wear hair hair longer for the slick look, shorter to spike it, or even shorter for a cut that requires regular cutting but little day to day styling. This is also an excellent cut for anyone wanting to manage unruly thick or curly hair.

Unlike the undercut, this is not a DIY at home cut. Executing a seamless transition requires the steady hand of a skilled professional. Leave this to your neighborhood barber.

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