Senin, 09 Desember 2013

Short Mens Hair 2013

It’s the definition of most mens haircuts, what the popular undercut, short curls, and slick look have in common, and the ruling look for short mens hair 2013. Just ask for short around the sides and back and long on top.

 As seen above, adding a little length on top transforms a humble haircut into a great looking hairstyle. Rather than being pure background, short mens hair can be the focus of a look.

 This works for all hairstyles and hair types – from the cropped crewcut to thick hair all way to undercut curly hair. Any amount of length on top gives so many styling options. Wear it smooth like above, spiked up, or slicked across.

Finish the clean cut look with a hint of stubble and you have masculine look that’s great at work and play.

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