Kamis, 12 Desember 2013

Short Spiky Haircuts for Men

The best short haircuts for men look great at work, play, and out on the town. That’s where short spiky haircuts for men come in. At work, you can comb hair to one side. For the gym, bedhead is fine. And for nights out, spike that hair up!

For an extra sharp look, your barber or stylist will cut hair with texture for the jagged look above. To emphasize the height of the spikes, keep the sides cut very short, almost or all the way shaved into an undercut.

You can have some fun styling this cool mens hairstyle. This spiked hairstyles is concentrated into a waved quiff at the front. You can also try working hair into a faux hawk or textured spikes. Whatever style you go with, make sure to go light on the product – too much will weigh hair down.

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