Kamis, 12 Desember 2013

Short Spikey Hairstyles For Men

One enduring hair trend is short spikey hairstyles for men. While longer hair worn spiked up is popular now, the shorter version is more versatile for work and play. This short spiked hair could be worn with a suit on the job and then out to a date.

To get the spiked look, start with freshly washed hair. Once hair is dry, rub your favorite product through your hair. Choose product based on your hair type – thicker hair will require a thicker formula with stronger hold. A matte hair clay or styling wax look great and easily wash out of more normal hair types. Highly recommended products include Bumble and Bumble Sumo Tech and Redken Maneuver Work Wax.

With a comb, pull hair up and away from the head, using fingers to spike hair up. Hair can be worn vertical all the way across the top of the head or spikes can be concentrated towards the forehead, in a sort of a rhino horn. For another way to style short hair, try this slicked back look.

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