Senin, 09 Desember 2013

Short Hairstyles for Guys 2013

Fall is an ideal time to update the wardrobe and hair. Whether it’s back to school or refocusing on work after summer vacation, a fresh haircut can mark the change of seasons.

Here’s a slick cut that makes the eases the transition from summer to fall while staying on trend with the best short hairstyles for guys 2013.

This short cut packs a punch in style with minimal length. The sides are shaved into a professional version of the undercut, with a faded sides that are longer at the top and taper towards the neck for a clean cut finish.

The rest of hair is styled in the 2013 update of slick hair. Hair is combed straight back with a little bit of height at the hairline.

To style this cool short hair, use a pliable product that can be reshaped throughout the day as required. label.m Matt Paste and Neal & Wolf Shape Pliable Paste fit the bill  and can be re-combed as required. Do so with the panache of 1960s greaser.

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