Selasa, 10 Desember 2013

Haircuts for Guys

You’re guaranteed to look good by keeping things simple. When it comes to haircuts for guys, go for the tried and true long on top, short sides and back.

Sometimes called the college cut,  you can’t go wrong with this classic short haircut for men. This version thins out thick hair by introducing some subtle layering at the top and around the hairline.

Once you’ve got the cut, maintain the style with regular trims. Visit your barber or stylist every 4-6 weeks depending on how quickly your hair grows.

Then all you need to do to look great everyday is just a touch of product. If hair is thick or wavy, use Bed Head Men Matte Separation Wax, one of the most best hair products for men. For thinner hair, the more lightweight hold of American Crew Grooming Cream will be plenty.

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