Kamis, 19 Desember 2013

Medium Mens Hairstyles – 2012

What is the difference between short and medium mens hairstyles? Some say anything longer than a crew cut while others define it by the length of the sides. So, medium hair can refer to length all around the head or just on top. Either way, the extra length gives you lots of styling options. To keep hair looking great, be sure to invest in good products that are suitable for your hair texture and lifestyle.

You’ve seen lots of different ways to wear medium mens hairstyles 2012 on Chace Crawford, Zac Effron, and the Bieb. The look here coiffs medium hair into a version of the undercut, pulling the sides back and tight to the head. The top is combed straight back but not slicked. Other cool mens hair to try out with this length hair is messy or pointy spikes.

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